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Meet Coach Billy Demiri

I believe we all have the potential of achieving our dreams and the life we have always desired. Since I can remember, I have always been inspired and empowered by human potential. It started when I was in middle school and wanted to play football, but I remember being made fun of for being uncoordinated and not being able to do jumping jacks properly. That’s when I met my first hurdle in life. I really wanted to be on the team and play but I knew I had much work to do before I got there. I could have quit and said it wasn't for me but I stayed consistent, worked out a little bit every day, and dug deep into my beliefs about myself and what I was capable of. A few years later, not only did I get to play, but I also became a captain of my team. Now I’m happy to say I can do perfect jumping jacks.


That journey led me to fall in love with the process of self improvement. I soon noticed how the positive physical changes had led to positive changes in all areas of my life.  

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That’s what ultimately led me to studying sports medicine in college and becoming a personal trainer, where I could share that same passion to help others achieve their goals. Along the way, I had the opportunity to help many clients reach their physical goals.  However, I knew I had so much more to offer.

One of my personal training clients was a psychologist specializing in education.  She was impressed by my teaching skills so much so that she offered me the opportunity to create a coaching program for children and teens with special needs at her clinic. I immediately took the opportunity and found this work to be even more rewarding. That’s when I decided to further my education and got certified as a health and life coach from the Health Coach Institute. Soon after, I left the gym to start my own coaching company, deeply rooted in everything that I had learned over the years. 

My approach to coaching is not about quick fixes, it’s about making changes that last, it’s about being different without having to think about being different. And in order to create the life, the career, the relationships, or the abundance that we want in our lives it has to start with our health. After working with clients for many years on change I realized that until we dig deep and have the right vision and the right energy in our bodies, that change is really hard and when it does happen, it can be really hard to sustain. That’s why the vast majority of people who lose weight gain it back in the first six months. Simply put, when you change your health and energy you change your life.This is why the foundational work of my coaching program will start with transforming your health first and then beliefs to create an optimal state of being. From there change becomes inevitable and sustainable.  I believe that when we shape the right mindset we can create lasting health, happiness, and confidence. 

Nowadays, my passions are maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, hiking with my dog, practicing BJJ, meditating, traveling, cooking, playing chess, constantly learning new things, and of course my work. I seldom use social media as I value human connections, time in nature, and all of the above. 

I believe everything you need to succeed and be great is already inside of you. Are you ready to learn how to use it?

As your coach…

  • I am here to help unlock your potential so that you are empowered to create absolutely anything you desire to create in this life.

  • I am here to inspire you to step into full alignment in every area of your life with who you want to be.

  • Support and stretch you out of your comfort zone, and challenge you to get curious and question how you are currently approaching different areas of your life.

Tackling all the above is a lot on our own and often overwhelming to the point that it is easier to stay where we are. Coaching is a process that is facilitated in a specific way so you can be different, without having to think about being different. The first step is raising awareness about what we really desire for ourselves and our lives.

5 Personal Paradigms for Individuals

1.    Absolutely nothing and no one in the world changes until you change.                       Transformation starts with you. 

2.    Every moment, feeling, and experience is perfectly orchestrated for your                   evolution. Nothing happens to you, everything happens for you.

3.    There is never a downside to taking responsibility for your own experience.

4.    Desire is not selfish, it is a wise compass pointing you in the direction of your          life’s purpose.

5.    Your challenges are your greatest gift.

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  • B.S. Sports Medicine - Pre Physical Therapy 

  • Health Coach Certified HCI

  • Life Coach Certified HCI

  • Pn1 Certified (Precision Nutrition)

  • Autism Fit  Certified

  • TRX Certified

  • Kettle Bell Level 1 Certified

  • Pre-Post Natal Certified

  • CPR & AED Certified

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