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Real Transformation That Lasts 


I believe the extraordinary achievement is not hitting your milestone. It is becoming the person you have to be in order to get there. In a nutshell, health is not something you do, it is who you are. When we learn to change our habits and overcome our fears or limiting beliefs, we can create the life we desire. I strongly believe we are all capable of living the life we have dreamed of; full of health, happiness, and love. With the right intention and mindset there is an immense power behind any individual.

As a coach, I help people transform their mindset and health so they can perform better than ever. I will teach you how to lose unwanted weight, get strong, feel energized, confidant and make lasting change without any crazy diets, militant exercise, or supplements. Using a results-based structured program, we will dive deep and create new beliefs that will change your behaviors and ultimately change your body and your life. We will uncover the limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past, replace them with new empowering beliefs, and create the body and health you desire. 

What I love about this program is the opportunity to dive deep with my clients and overcome obstacles that hold them back from achieving their goals. With this system, we will use the right steps in the right order to set up the conditions for inevitable success. I use this program because it delivers results. My clients are amazed by how much they learn about themselves through these exercises and the changes that follow. This program offers an exciting and powerful journey of self discovery.


Build Awareness

Develop a powerful vision for your total transformation, and what it will mean for you, for your health, and for your life.

Plan For Success

Learn to set up the conditions for inevitable success and create action steps that are easy to follow through.

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Empowered Mindset

Your mind is the most powerful tool you will ever have. Discover which beliefs, lifestyle habits, and foods are sapping your energy/bringing your body down...and what to do about it.

Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals

Turn these healthy habits into behaviors that last so they become who you are.

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If you are looking for great results, then Billy is the ONE!

I have never been the type of person to start working out and sticking with it. I never had that drive to keep me going...until I met Billy.  When I decided to join a gym and meet with a trainer, I was a bit apprehensive. I thought to myself, what If I get a trainer who doesn't connect with me and my personality? Well.. to my surprise, the fit could not have been any better. From the very start, Billy made me feel comfortable and at ease. That's one of Billy’s best qualities, to make one feel comfortable and confident. He is not intimidating at all. However, he won't think twice to light a fire under you so that you get the workouts you signed up for. Billy's motivational skills are stellar. There were days where I was dragging; and yet, somehow, without me even mentioning it, he knew how to get me ramped up and complete the best workout I ever had. Billy's progression formulas are incredible. Within the first week, I already noticed and felt the results. I knew from the start that Billy chose his profession because of his passion for helping his clients succeed.  Billy is outstanding at pairing up the appropriate exercises and tailoring it to one's specific needs. For a very long time, I had lost confidence in my self-image. Billy changed all that from day one. He believed in me, my abilities, and my strength. I quickly realized that he was the perfect fit as a trainer. Billy is full of compassion, patience, motivation, understanding, adaptability, and flexibility. Most of all, the love for his craft is astonishing. Billy has changed my life forever; not only physically, but he has helped me find my confidence that was buried deep inside for a LONG time. I am forever grateful that I had the best trainer to guide me through my workouts and create incredible, life-changing results.

Dan M.

Boston, MA

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Change your beliefs, change your life, effortlessly.

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